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Thai Son Restaurant 泰山越南牛肉粉 (Richmond) Review ON Saturday, April 13, 2013 AT 2:57 AM
Its sushicat. On the same Sunday after I went to sleep, woke up, study (couggggggghhhhhhh), work, I went to Thai Son with my coworkers around 9pm (they close around 10pm).

This is also my second time coming here, because its kind of far for me ...even though I live in Richmond. And I always just get pho somewhere closer to me since they're are a lot in Richmond. But my coworker was driving me home so Thai Son it was!

One of my coworkers ordered this drink which tasted very coconut-y and contained some of the white coconut flesh inside. I thought it was refreshing and cool. (~$3)

My other coworker got this soup, and I believe it is the #30. Bun Bo Hue Thai Son Dac Biet - thai son special spicy beef and vermicelli in soup (~$7). Their noodles were like lai fun instead of the usual vermicelli or rice noodles in pho which was interesting since I don't usually eat it (its like udon but thicker and not as soft). And I didn't get to taste it before my coworker covered it with more hot sauce so I assume it wasn't as spicy as she would've liked it.

These days, I don't really feel like eating pho noodles 'cause I feel like they all taste generally the same (my apologies to pho enthusiasts that can taste differences in soup base) so I ordered #34. Bun Thit Nuong Cha Gio - Skewered pork and deep fried spring rolls on vermicelli with assorted vegetables ($7.55).
It was larger than I thought, not sure if you can see from this photo but if you compare it with the bean sprouts on the left and the two cups on the right, it was big to me. I like the skewers, the spring rolls not so much because they weren't as fried and crispy as I would have liked and the meat inside was just pork (would've liked carrots or some veg in the mix). There were a lot of the vermicelli underneath which I just drenched with the nuoc mam pha (that sweet sauce you use for spring rolls). And I actually did finish my vegetables too.

My coworker also got this Bang Xeo, Rau Song - Viet crepe with assorted vegetables ($8.95). The crepe was more like a omelette in that it was egg and I think coconut which tasted nice. You can see I stole  had some from my coworker, and inside contained bean sprouts, some squid and pork. I also added some of the vegetables and I think this was like a nice snack since it didn't feel too heavy to eat.

Food: 4/5
Atmosphere: 3/5 Their spot is upstairs in the corner and its kind of dark when you get there. We were placed beside the windows and its night time, but the lights inside were also dim so I felt kind of in the dark and not in a nice intimate kind of way,
Service: 3/5 It was almost closing time for them and I think they wanted us out soon (not rudely of course but you get the feeling).
Price: 4/5

Overall: I liked my dish with the skewers and the portion size for the price. I would come back but probably not as often because its location is not ideal for me.

Thai Son Restaurant 泰山越南牛肉粉 (Richmond) on Urbanspoon

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